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IB Chemistry is one of the most popular courses on the IB Group 4 course list. In fact, the IB Chemistry curriculum is demanding, but extremely beneficial when it comes to preparing students for university education. TestPrep’s IB Chemistry tutoring is served online to IB Diploma Chemistry Students for 10+ Years. TestPrep’s expert tutors are here to guide you in IB Chemistry SL and IB Chemistry HL.

ib chemistry tutor online
ib chemistry tutoring online


Unleash your potential in IB Chemistry with best IB Chemistry tutors to get high scores

In IB Chemistry tutoring, you will learn about the fundamental concepts of the subject, including atomic structure, chemical bonds, stoichiometry, and thermochemistry. Moreover, you will study organic chemistry, including the structure and properties of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes. Additionally, you’ll investigate the principles of chemical kinetics and equilibrium, including the impact of concentration, temperature, and pressure on chemical reactions.

One of the key skills you will develop in IB Chemistry is the ability to analyze and interpret data. With TestPrep’s online IB Chemistry tutoring service, you will learn how to use experiments and observations to test hypotheses and theories, and you’ll gain a deep understanding of how to design and conduct experiments to answer scientific questions under the guidance of TestPrep’s IB Chemistry tutors.

Baris K. Head of Chemistry

  • IB Chemistry Teacher
  • Teaching IB since 2008
  • Able to teach IB Chemsitry SL & HL

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IA and EE

Internal Assessment & Extended Essay Support

The experienced IB tutors and examiners of TestPrep know that there are a majority of students in the IB program who seeks assistance for Chemistry Internal Assessment & Extended Essay. If you are one of them, don’t worry, you are with the right institution for those particular fields. Schedule your IB Chemistry tutoring for IA and/or EE and boost your score.

IA Support

Mostly, students are unsure how to create a relationship between IB chemistry topics and a real-world situation or problem which they can investigate. To help with this, TestPrep's Chemistry tutors are offering online IB Chemistry tutoring for the IB Chemistry Internal Assessment.

EE Support

The extended essay is a required component of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP). IB students around the globe fear writing the Extended Essay, but it doesn’t have to be a source of stress thanks to our experienced IB tutors. Enroll in the EE Lesson right now and finish it with work of an excellent standard and reach an A. Boost your EE score with IB Chemistry tutoring tailored for the IB Chemistry Extended Essay.

1-on-1 ıb chemıstry tutorıng

Attend IB Chemistry tutoring from the comfort of your home.

With our Chemistry private tuition programs, we closely monitor our students and provide detailed reports to our parents about each lesson. With the reports we prepare, we measure the progress of the students and contribute to their development by paying more attention to the subjects they are missing.

We also provide solutions to the questions (Past Papers) that have appeared in the IB Chemistry in the past years. In this way, students will be much more successfully prepared for the exam in question. Online IB Chemistry tutoring makes you save time and increease your IB Chemistry grades.

ib chemistry tuition 1 on 1 ib chemistry tutoring online

100% Safe & Secured

Get paired with a professional IB Chemistry tutor who can teach you.

online ib chemistry tutoring sl hl live

High-tech online IB classrooms focus on the best learning experience

We understand that every student has unique learning skills, and that’s why we offer flexible scheduling and experienced IB teachers. We will assign a tutor who best fits your learning style and schedule, and works with them one-on-one to achieve your IB Biology goals.

With online IB Biology tutoring, you’ll get the help you need to succeed in IB Biology and reach your full potential. Sign up today and start learning with confidence!

Enroll now and get a head start on your IB Biology journey. With our support, you will have the confidence and skills to excel in your exams and beyond.

IB Chemistry Tutoring Online Revision Packages

Save up to

IB Chemistry revision lessons, which include a review of all topics and question solving for seniors to get the highest score in the exam, allow you to use all the services of TestPrep. Prepare for the exam in the best way possible with IB Chemistry Past Paper solutions, online question bank assignments, and timed practice tests.

Prearranged Programs for Mastering IB Chemistry

Packages with prearranged timing and content covering the whole Chemistry syllabus of Chemistry, designed to boost the regular school and the performance in exams.

Have a chance to save up to 15%. Feel free to arrange the timing with your tutor to fit your own schedule before starting the course.

Start revising the syllabus now!

40 Lessons

Most Popular

40×60-minute online IB Chemistry revision tutoring with experienced TestPrep IB Chemistry Tutor on TestPrep interactive whiteboard

Prearranged Programs for Mastering a Subject

TestPrep IB tutoring team has prepared prearranged IB Subjects Packages to support the student to succeed in the IB exams and get well prepared for their regular school lessons. These packages provide an opportunity for the student to master each and every subject from A to Z without any concern about the timing and content management. All topics are listed with the needed time to spend on them and serviced in a schedule created together with the student.

Free Online Tests and Problem Solving Lessons

TestPrep believes that the reliable method of teaching a subject should not only cover the regular teaching sessions but also the problem solving practices and testing examples.
That’s why IB Subjects Packages consists of the necessary tuition hours, problem solving lessons and online practice tests.
Moreover, those problem solving sessions and the online practice test are provided for free to allow the student to save up to 15%

6 thoughts on “IB Chemistry Tutoring

  1. We just got started with TestPrep and weren’t exactly sure what to expect or how beneficial it would really be, but after the first lesson, we were all very impressed with the instructor we were assigned. He was knowledgeable, professional, and personable. My daughter said she really, really liked the tutor and thought he helped tremendously. What better investment can you make than in your child’s future? Thank you, TestPrep!

  2. If you are doing endless Google searches to find the right IB tutoring, believe me when I share that Test Prep is the one! Baris and his team are extremely intelligent individuals who have the best-uncomplicated ways to explain IB Chemistry topics. More importantly, they are kind and make you feel validated no matter where you are on the IBDP journey. Highly recommend!!

  3. I came to Test Prep with a 38/100 1st exam score and had 10 individual sessions solely focusing on the second exam. From those 10 sessions, my score increased 50 points to 88/100. The teaching methods worked really well! My Chemistry tutor was also really helpful in the sessions by answering questions and offering more practice.

  4. This online tutoring helped my IB Chemistry grades go up tremendously. I loved the techniques they teach, they really help. I can feel that the teachers are genuinely passionate about their job.

  5. I highly recommend TestPrep for the IB prep. The Chemistry and Biology tutors helped prepare my son for the IB exams in May. All the tutors were experts in their fields and provided the perfect combination of motivation, instruction, and confidence building that enabled my son to do his best on the exams. I am certain that the help provided by them was the critical factor in raising his scores. His final biology grade is 7, chemistry grade is 6. We feel so lucky to had a chance to meet with TestPrep!

  6. I’ve had an amazing experience with TestPrep. They provided me the most dedicated tutors I have ever worked with. They were extremely knowledgable, encouraging, kind and made lessons fun and engaging. Most importantly you can tell the tutors care about their students, which for me was a massive motivation to work harder. Furthermore, my advisor is an absolute gem. He is so dedicated, helpful, patient and enthusiastic. He has guided me through the entire process. I could recommend TestPrep. I have had such a positive experience with them!! Thank you for everything.

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