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In our IB Biology tutoring HL (Higher Level) and IB Biology tutoring SL (Standard Level) programs, we ensure that students realize this necessity and understand biology as nature itself, not by memorizing it. Our IB Biology Private Lessons are taught by IB Biology teachers and our main goal is to ensure that students get a 7 in the IB Biology exam no matter what questions come their way. Enroll now and get a head start on your IB Biology journey. With our support, you will have the confidence and skills to excel in your exams and beyond.

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Best IB Biology tutors to get high scores and learn new things.

Various topics in the IB curriculum are reinforced with projections to help students in the most efficient way. Our aim with this method, which appeals to students’ visual memories, is to lighten the students’ memorization load as much as possible.

In order to be successful in this course, students must use the textbooks, take notes during the lesson, repeat regularly and make connections between the subjects they have learned. Exams, quizzes, worksheets, online and printed assignments are used in the assessment.

Sezai P. Head of Biology

  • IB Biology Teacher
  • Teaching IB since 2010
  • Able to teach IB Biology SL & HL

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Internal Assessment & Extended Essay Support

Are you struggling with Biology Extended Essay and/or Internal Assessment? Do you need help understanding the complex biological concepts of IB? If so, you’re not alone. Many students face challenges in Biology IA and EE and need a little extra help to achieve their goals. To overcome these challanges, here we are with online IB Biology tutoring for IA & EE.

The experienced IB tutors and examiners of TestPrep know that there are a majority of students in the IB program who seeks assistance for IB Biology Internal Assessment & Extended Essay. If you are one of them, don’t worry, you are with the right institution for those particular fields. Contact us for the online IB Biology tutoring to complete your IA & EE with one of our best IB Biology tutors.

IA Support

In IB Biology IA,  students write an essay with the research question, calculation, and results of their own investigation, and experiment. You can complete this step-by-step process with experienced IB Biology teachers of TestPrep via online IB tutoring for IA and submit a well written IB Biology IA to get the highest grade.

EE Support

The extended essay is a required component of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP). IB students around the globe fear writing the Extended Essay, but it doesn’t have to be a source of stress thanks to our experienced IB tutors. Enroll with the EE packages right now and finish it with the work of an excellent standard and reach A.


Attend every class from the comfort of your home.

With online tutoring, you can receive expert help from a qualified IB Biology tutor, whenever and wherever you need it. 

At our online tutoring platform, you’ll receive personalized attention from our experienced IB Biology tutor who can help you with all IB Biology topics. Our tutors use interactive tools, multimedia resources, and engaging lessons to make IB Biology come alive for you in IB Biology tutoring sessions. They will help you understand the subject, complete your homework, and prepare for IB exams with confidence.

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High-tech online IB Biology classes focus on the best learning experience

We understand that every student has unique learning skills, and that’s why we offer flexible scheduling and experienced IB teachers. We will assign a tutor who best fits your learning style and schedule, and works with them one-on-one to achieve your IB Biology goals.

With online IB Biology tutoring, you’ll get the help you need to succeed in IB Biology and reach your full potential. Sign up today and start learning with confidence!

Enroll now and get a head start on your IB Biology journey. With our support, you will have the confidence and skills to excel in your exams and beyond.

IB Biology Tutoring Online Revision Packages

Save up to

IB Biology revision lessons, which include a review of all topics and question solving for seniors to get the highest score in the exam, allow you to use all the services of TestPrep. With online IB Biology tutoring for the revision, prepare for the exam in the best way possible with IB Biology Past Paper solutions, online question bank assignments, and timed practice tests.

Prearranged Programs for Mastering IB Biology

Packages with prearranged timing and content covering the whole syllabus of IB Biology SL or HL, designed to boost the regular school and the performance in exams.

Have a chance to save up to 15%. Feel free to arrange the timing with your tutor to fit your own schedule before starting the course.

Start revising the IB Biology syllabus now!

40 Lessons

Most Popular

40×60-minute online IB Biology revision tutoring with experienced TestPrep IB Biology Tutor on TestPrep interactive whiteboard

Our programs focused on getting you 7/7

TestPrep IB tutoring team has prepared prearranged IB Subjects Packages to support the student to succeed in the IB exams and get well prepared for their regular school lessons. These packages provide an opportunity for the student to master each and every subject from A to Z without any concern about the timing and content management. All topics are listed with the needed time to spend on them and serviced in a schedule created together with the student.

Free Online Tests and Problem Solving Lessons

TestPrep believes that the reliable method of teaching a subject should not only cover the regular teaching sessions but also the problem solving practices and testing examples.
That’s why IB Subjects Packages consists of the necessary tuition hours, problem solving lessons and online practice tests.
Moreover, those problem solving sessions and the online practice test are provided for free to allow the student to save up to 15%

6 thoughts on “IB Biology Tutoring

  1. TestPrep is wonderful! They built a great IA with my son and helped build his confidence for the IB exam. My son showed significant progress from the first time they met to the final prep class. I highly recommend TestPrep and its program. We will definitely use them again for the preparation for my daughter!

  2. TestPrep is an incredible tutoring center to go to if you need help with IB prep. They have many different materials and resources that are beneficial when it comes to preparing for the IB exam. The past papers, question banks, and workbooks are very detailed and create a clear picture of what to expect on the exam. After taking prep classes at TestPrep, my Biology score improved by 2 points (from 4 to 6). Not only are the materials excellent, but the online environment at TestPrep motivates you to do better. The staff is extremely friendly and willing to help, and my tutor cared deeply about my education. I have been to many test prep centers before, but none have made an impact as big as TestPrep. 10/10 would recommend it to anyone looking for tutoring.

  3. TestPrep helped me hugely with my IB. Sezai was a great teacher and I really recommend getting him. Before I had any lessons I scored 3/7 in my IB Biology HL and after having 40 lessons pack I got 6/7 in my IB Biology. When applying to university I wasn’t sure if I was good enough for the top schools but because of that IB Biology score has opened so many new doors to go through. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to follow my dream and study at the best university possible to become the best me. Thank you TestPrep for everything! Hope you the best in the near future!

  4. Mr. Sezai is an amazing teacher who helped me to get a 90 on my exam. One of the biggest takeaways I learned from him was that everything is fun once you’re good at it. After utilizing all the techniques and methods he taught, I no longer feared taking the exam and the feeling of dread disappeared. Mr. Sezai made every class enjoyable and did a great job preparing me.

  5. It was very fun and useful to help me boost my IB Biology score. I got useful tips and very good practice from test, homework, and practice problems/notes. I really like all instructors or teachers but my favorite was Sezai because he was enthusiastic, helpful, cool/nice, and caring to everyone. He made learning more fun and interesting for me every class I had him so but thanks to him and other teachers as well who were almost as equally good. I also got plenty of help in complex problems I was having trouble in and didn’t understand.

  6. TestPrep is honestly the best way to go when it comes to IB training. There’s a lot of content to consume if you try to study. Instructors are passionate about teaching their students the IB curriculum. I regularly attend Biology classes once a week so I can get ahead of the school. So I have the opportunity to make a review at school.

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